Stumped for Words? Here are Handy Tips to Help You Translate Your Ideas into Print, Faster

Anyone can write.

Or more specifically, anyone CAN learn how to craft persuasive and effective sales copy and that includes you!

Here are 3 reasons why I feel confident that you can write as powerfully as any formally-trained copywriter:

  1. You understand your business, products and customers better than anyone else.
  2. If you have a basic foundation of English, and can write well, then you certainly can persuade and motivate your customers using the right selection of words.
  3. My work experience tells me that you can learn to do this. I was never formally trained as a Copywriter and I did not work as an intern at some renowned ad agency. In fact, I got my first paid copywriting assignment as a junior in a personal development company with no relevant education behind me other than a diploma in IT.

Instead, I bought nearly every good book on writing I could find and used them as guides. I applied what I learnt from my experience about selling and communicating with real people to selling and communicating in print. I built up a collection of ads, brochure samples and sales letters and organised them in a cheap ring binder. You can buy one from your neighbourhood bookstore. You don’t have to be creative to write good sales letters (although practical experience counts!); you only need to be good at re-sorting ideas and re-phrasing sentences.

With that in mind, here are some handy tips to help you get started quickly:

Many people, including business owners, are intimidated by the idea of writing. To overcome that fear, all you need to do is START WRITING!

If you find it difficult to translate your ideas into print, use a voice recorder to record whatever you have in mind, and then replay the audio so you can transcribe whatever you had dictated. Most MP3 players and mobile phones today have functions that allow you to record audio. If you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer, you can review and transcribe the audio at your own time and pace.

Recognise the value of your understanding of your business, products and customers. I recommend building reference cards on which you can write down what you know about your customers, products and so on.

If you have experience in sales, all the better! Writing good sales copy is much like meeting with your customers and selling them something.

Don’t try to be perfect! In business, time is critical. You can’t afford to waste precious time to perfect a sales letter that you THINK would get you good results! The secret is to understand what your customers are interested in, give them what they really want in your sales letter, edit your copy and then move on quickly.

Remember, if I can do it, so can YOU!

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