What Your Readers Want to Know!

I don’t know if you’ve heard this anywhere else, but I always emphasize that Copywriting is a lot like mind-reading.

Whenever you sit down to write a piece of sales better, press release or any marketing material, you need to crawl inside your reader’s minds and find out what intrigues them. Simply put, what your readers want to know is the answer to this  question, “What’s it in for me?”  And here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a Hypnoptherapist or Houdini to identify what your readers really want.

As a start, I strongly encourage you to use the product or service like other consumers would and list all the possible features and benefits, then organize them by importance.

From the list of features and benefits, start to identify the USP of your product or service.  The USP or Unique Selling Point is a distinct, appealing idea that sets a product or business apart from competitors and it can be a difference in character, quality, speed or brand status. Examples of common USPs would be big discounts, speedy service, broad selection of products or 24-hour customer support, among others.

It also helps to talk to people who use the product or service and ask them questions on what it is that made them choose that product or service over the competition. Listen to their answers and see how they might apply to developing your own USP that attracts your readers’ attention and more importantly, entices them to buy.

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