7 Surefire Tips for Writing Good, Persuasive Body Copy

Whether it is a sales letter, product flyer or brochure, the selling and persuading is done in the body copy, and it should be written with the same loving care as you would put in the headline.

As you begin to write your ad, here are 7 tips to help you craft a more persuasive body copy that gets maximum results everytime:

1. Just as you would snuggle up with a good book over the weekend, when people read your copy, they are usually alone. Pretend you are writing a personal letter to a friend or family member and maintain a casual conversational tone that engages your reader. People always like someone who is friendly yet knowledgeable.

2. Write short sentences and avoid difficult words. Notice that I avoided using the word “affable” (which means “friendly”) in point #1. If you are short on vocabulary, I recommend keeping a thesaurus next to you, or you can download an online version like¬†Word Web.

3. Use simple language such as what your friends or family members would use in everyday conversation.

4. Be clear and concise. Tell your readers what your product can do for them and be specific.

5. Weave stories into your copy and bring it to life. One famous example would be the ad that carried this headline, “The amazing story of a Zippo that worked after being taken from the belly of a fish”.

6. Include testimonials from fellow consumers and experts to make your ad more credible and persuasive.

7. Always try to include the price of your products to boost the selling power of your ad. Just as how you would avoid buying a product because the price is not displayed and you may feel shy to ask a salesperson, it is the same way with advertising. For example, if the price of a product is left out in an ad that appears in the newspapers, readers would normally be too lazy to call the store and eventually turn the page.

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