Creative Thinking Technique #2: Ask the “What-If” Question

A great way to get your creative juices flowing is to ask “What-If” questions of your own and discover where your imagination takes you. Chunk down to the details of your visualizations and see what happens in different scenarios. For example, what if…

  • Your household carpet suddenly came to life and could take you anywhere you wanted? What does it feel like to travel everywhere for free? Would you take a loved one with you? And if you do, what does it feel like to soar in the air over a magnificent cityscape on a magic carpet ride…like Aladdin? What marvellous sights can you see? What incredible sounds can you hear?
  • You were given the ability to read the minds of people around you? What does feel like to wield such amazing supernatural power? What words would you say to the person whom you suspect to be backstabbing you in the office or to the confidence trickster who roams the streets below your home?
  • You stepped into your office one morning, and everybody became an animal befitting of each person’s personality? How would you react? What would you do if your boss, who suddenly became a snake, slittered his way to your feet?

Take a moment to try out this exercise.  And if you do it often, the faster and more likely you’ll be able to invent creative new ideas. Have fun!

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