Want to be Interesting? Tell Stories!

People love reading stories.

That’s why newspapers and tabloid magazines sell.

Likewise in copywriting and advertising, the best way to enthrall readers is to weave stories into your product or idea.

Look all around you. What are some of the everyday situations inspired by your own life could you develop around your product to show its benefits? What personal story could you share to make someone smile, laugh or cry? What story would show the strength of a product in an impactful or provocative way?

As you think over these questions, recall the TV commercials that touched your life in some way. What were the similar qualities of those ads that made you respond in a particular way?

One of my favorite TV ads: “Funeral” by legendary TV producer Yasmin Ahmad

In this touching ad, the central theme of  family togetherness is presented in dramatic style that many of us can relate to. The idea of  preserving the memory of a loved one is very much real and could happen or has happened in our own lives. As a result, we are moved by familiar emotions and could either smile or cry.

As you plan your next advertisement campaign, think about which of these styles of drama would be best for presenting your idea in a daily situation or story:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Broadway/Theater
  • Comedy
  • Costume
  • Chatshow
  • Documentary
  • Horror/Thriller/Mystery
  • Love Story
  • Sad Story
  • Soap Opera
  • News

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