Proofreading Technique #2 – Have Someone Read Your Copy Out Loud to You

So you’re done with your copy. But how do you find out if it’s easy to read?

The solution is to ask a friend to read it out loud to you. In doing so, it draws you out of the plot and any errors that you might have missed initially will immediately sound more obvious to you.

When your friend reads over your copy, pay close attention. Listen to them and watch their facial expressions. Do they stumble over a few words and find themselves re-reading a phrase or two ? Do they frown in confusion over some portions of your copy? If the answer’s yes, then you’ll have to re-write and correct the problem areas in your copy.

If your friends are too busy to help you, try reading aloud to yourself. While this gives you a different perspective of what you’ve written, chances are you would have already known how some words are to be read. And this wouldn’t be as effective as listening to your own work being read by another person. Then again, it’s your second best choice!

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One Response to Proofreading Technique #2 – Have Someone Read Your Copy Out Loud to You

  1. I pretty much never comment on stories . . . but this one is exceptional. Thanks for posting this. It really makes sense the way you put it. Wish someone else had told me sooner!

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