Get Inside Your Reader’s Mind with this Powerful Visualization Exercise

One of the biggest challenges in writing good, effective copy is finding out what your readers want.

What exactly motivates them towards responding to a call to action? What are their pains, fears, doubts that we, as solution providers, have to address and resolve?

By understanding your reader, it makes the selling process a lot easier. Think of it as a relationship with your loved one. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be understood and treated the way we want, don’t you agree? In fact, most relationships sour as a result of conflicts that arise from not understanding each other’s needs. It’s the same with copywriting – you have to know what makes your readers tick in order for them to respond to your offer.

While there are many ways to collect information about your readers such as drudging over marketing research, studying endless business reports or talking to salespeople for several hours long, there is one special technique that can help you get inside your reader’s mind within minutes. And you don’t even have to leave your seat!

Here’s what you should do:

1. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

2. Now imagine (you may choose to close your eyes if you want to) your reader sitting in front of you.

3.  Open up a conversation by asking questions about what they feel about your product or service. Imagine your reader responding to you and listen attentively for answers.  How does he or she sound? Does your reader sound happy, or frustrated or angry?

4. As you recall this imaginary conversation after the exercise, make a list of what was “discussed”

QuickStart Copywriter’s Tip: It helps to create a list of questions before you start this exercise so you have a mental guide of the things you should ask

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