Thank You So Much!

August 23, 2011

With thanks from the bottom of my heart!

It delights me to be writing this blog post as thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy of my Quickstart Copywriter ebook along withInstant Emails 🙂

I never expected to receive such an overwhelmingly positive response within my first week of sale and I’d like to dedicate my joy to you!

Some of you have been very kind to leave me with encouraging words by email and I cannot express how much I appreciate your feedback and loving support. Your positive response affirms that I’m on the right track and has served as an inspiration for me to continue delivering even more useful content that will help you in your work, business and personal correspondences with your loved ones.

If you haven’t downloaded my ebooks but are planning to get one, here’s something to take note. You should be receiving a ‘Thank You’ page with links to download your ebooks right after you’ve made payment through Paypal. But if for some reason you missed the page or it didn’t show up, please check your inbox for the download links. You should be receiving a personal email from me shortly after you make payment.

Again, thank you so much for your support and be sure to check back here for more updates and copywriting tips!

Recommended Copywriting Guide of the Month

August 21, 2011

QuickStart Copywriting ebook: How to become an expert copywriter in 7 days!

I’d like to celebrate my 50th blog post with the official launch of my copywriting ebook – QuickStart Copywriter: Get all the nuts and bolts you need to start writing like an expert Copywriter in 7 days!

This ebook includes all the help you need to get the confidence to write captivating, results-generating sales letters, business emails, direct mails, ads, websites and more – in as quickly as 7 days.

That’s right, it has all the professional secrets I’ve used to promote hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of coaching programs from the world’s most high profile speakers and authors. Now you’ll be learning those exact winning copywriting strategies to get real results from your writing at a value you can afford.

To learn more – click here!

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Copywriting Guide that Teaches You Everything You Need to Write Effective Copy that Sells

March 17, 2011

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: My QuickStart Copywriter ebook is now available! Learn more by clicking here

I want to personally thank you for your encouraging emails for me to make a copywriting guide available soon.

In addition to the copywriting tips you can learn my blog, I’d love to help you improve your writing even further with an easy-to-follow copywriting guide that you can download, print and use in your work, business or personal correspondences with your friends.

In the day, I clock up to 11+ hours in the office and even longer hours when I am involved in special projects. Needless to say, it can be very tiring at the end of the day! But with your unyielding support, I’ve discovered the strength, inspiration and motivation to invest my time at night, at home, to make your special request come true.

I hope you’ll love my final product and look forward to delivering it to you soon 🙂

To your copywriting success,
QuickStart Copywriter