Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to QuickStart Copywriter!

Getting what you want is what this website is all about.

Here, you’ll discover a treasure trove of techniques and ideas to help you write better sales copy, faster. Best of all, the insights, strategies and tactics on this website are easy to apply and can be used immediately in your letters, emails, reports, proposals and marketing.

You’ll learn how to write clearly in English and master the sales writing process step-by-step – everything from understanding your readers – how they think, feel, and act – to designing your copy so they feel enticed to respond.

If you find some of the copywriting ideas useful, please  drop me an email. It makes my day when I hear how you are using these ideas to turn your words into power, and ethically using that power to communicate your messages clearly and get the response you want, be in your business or personal life!

You are free to use any of the copywriting ideas you find here for your personal use but I retain COPYRIGHT for my materials. Commercial publication is prohibited without my express permission, but I am open to opportunities!

To your copywriting success,
Marc Wong
Creative Author, QuickStart Copywriter

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